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Jun 26, 2006



First of all, apologies for the late responses; i'm in London at the moment, and internet access is fairly limited.

Also: These opinions are from a junior/no nothing's perspective. Add a generous pinch of salt.

1. I'd add to this; it's all about the selling -but then, you address this in your second point

2. Yes. Exactly.

3. This is something i've got to learn, as a wannabe ad person - to be able to take criticism. Valuable advice for any junior, not matter how creative the role.

4. Definitely; we are in a service business. Clients come to us for advice. We need to know them, but not overly second guess them.

5. I'm finding this more and more, about knowing the audience and new/radical thoughts. Being open and willing to try new things is almost the point here - be open minded and you'll go far.

6. I'd almost rephrase this; consider it from a client-side point of view at the same time; it's all very well having the idea, but consider the client in front of his bosses'.

7. Can't really comment about design effectiveness, but accessibility and CSR are important. Especially the former in these times of clients having Macs/believing they can do a better job.

8. I've just been talking about honesty today - sycophancy is death, no matter what you are doing. Creative work/concepts cannot be sold easily if you believe the idea to be flawed. You can do it in client service, but not at the creative end, in my opinion.

9 & 10. Yep.

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