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Nov 02, 2006


Marcus Brown

Been there. Am there. Will change.


Haha! The day I decided to quit my crap design job to go back to the nicer work/less pay job is the day you post this! Very good. I've been miserable here. Ahhhhh. Can't wait. But I've got a couple more days at the crap job first. Ugh.




I also think there's an alternative model that 'can' apply ...

passion + talent = shit hot + delight to work with = ££££££

but less likely in a larger business

Tom Gifford

I agree wholeheartedly, although there can be some exceptions.

I had the (mis)fortune to work for a pharmaceutical agency and it was indeed soul destroying. The job's one redeeming quality was that it was part of the Ogilvy network and the Ogilvy/WPP name helped to open enough doors that I now work at a decent agency.

On a similar point, is it the case that decent, creative agencies take advantage of designer's passion for creative work to get away with paying below average salaries?


I still believe that the quality of life is more important than a fat wallet, but think Tom is right, the more passion = less $ on occasion. I've been there, but somehow it didn't freak me out too much, after all we had the freedom to go surfing before work... and that is priceless.

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