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Feb 10, 2007


Kieren Messenger

Ho hum... I had a feeling it was you guys who were sitting in the 2nd row! I ended up having to stand at the back as a combination of train delays and misplaced tickets left me 15 minutes late.

I really enjoyed the talk however I got a sense that they were quite content to be in a situation where they were looking backwards or sideways at Alan's work and influence, rather then using it to move forward and progress.

Admittedly I showed a wry smile when Nico posed his questions. Partly as it took a good part of the session to ask them all and partly as they seemed to dodge the 2nd and 3rd questions posed.

The questions were:
1. How do you view design in an art vs. service context?
2. What do you think of interactive/kiosk design?
3. What do you think of experience/environment design?

Naturally they are graphic designers first, but it would have been interesting to see what a company that has outlasted plenty of design trends made of the latest ones.

Overall very enjoyable, with the book putting the icing on the cake.

Luis Vazquez

I visited the Pentagram NY office for a studio talk and tour a couple of years ago. I didn't get to ask anything, but just seeing their work spaces and overall enviornment was amazing.

Erik Larsson

Base is a belgium company, they have offices in Barcelona, NYC and some other places. Didn't know they applied the same structure. Thanks for the review!


Dig the Base website http://www.basedesign.com/sections/studios

(I think I'll still aspire to Pentagram though.)

Brad Brooks

Did anyone tape this? Please?


Great writeup, now I'm really looking forward to D&AD! Not only that but how cool it must be to mentioned on the Pentagram blog:



nice :)


a}I did a fair bit of illustration work for john rushworth on a unhcr project a few years back and he was really good to work for. A little nudge here and there, but pretty much left to get on with it.
b}I've been to so many lectures where it's been the same voices-one of them mine-asking a question, and I always want to know why no one else pipes up. Shy? Scared? What of?
c}I like the questions that don't last longer than the answer. And keep them open: "Could you tell us a little more about..."


Is not asking questions at a talk a bit like reading someone's blog without posting a comment?
ps I'll shut up now-4 comments in a row is pushing it a bit, i know.


Thanks for the review, sounds like it was very interesting. I love that Waterways logo, but I'm not impressed with those word puns either. They're the kind of things we did in art school, in the second year or so.

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