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Apr 24, 2007



rubbish - sit at the back. You're closer to food, booze and the exit. No, sit at the back.


Got to go with Marcus (unless the hall's acoustics are crap, in which case, go to the front).

For gigs - always in the middle.


It doesn't matter where I sit, I've never been invited to give a stuffed donkey a blow job. Maybe it's because I don't have a gold corduroy jacket.


I'm always late so it's the first free seat closest to the door that's for me.


Is that gold or.... beige?


Charles - it's gold alright.

Others - you're all mad. I guess there are two types of people in the world, those that sit at the front and those that sit at the back.

John Dodds

I think this proves that you're an optimist - those who lurk at the back suspect the talk will be crap and want an exit strategy.

John Dodds

Whereas your exit strategy would involve a long walk during which your golden cape would take all the attention!

claire Gates


this reminds me of one of our gigs at fitzroy square where you design conspiracy lot sat so close to the front we were almost treading on your toes!

but its good advice, for some reason people think its cool to sit at the back. IT ISNT - FACT.


That's the spirit Claire.


Rubbish - sitting at the back practical. Especially when you smoke. Or need to go to the loo.


People still smoke?

Rob Mortimer

I sat at the back so my typing wouldnt annoy people!

Though I did say to Beeker I would go to the front in the afternoon...and then you both moved back!


What's this? What's this? Are you saying that Ben MOVED TO THE BACK? Surely not?

That would make Ben a back AND front sitter.

And yes Ben, still smoke and still go to the loo.

claire Gates

Cross your legs and get a nicotine patch for gawd's sake!


Good to see you haven't entirely given up on the blogosphere Marcus. And the smoking doesn't really matter to me (as long as you only do it in Germany).


Nearly gone David. Nearly gone. Just got to sort this nonsense out before I finally pop off.


My students always sit at the back and then I have a go at them. All my colleagues complain that students sit at the back.
Go to an academic conference and guess what? Everyone sits at the back.
The trick is to
a) kick all the empty chairs out of the way and move forwards (I did that once - worked a treat)
b) take the podium to the back of the room


Johnathan - useful advise, for academics and brilliant for showing who is control. Although, I must point out, that attendance is such a situation is probably more important than actually listening to what is beng said.

No, I'm sorry, sitting at the back is the only sensible thing to do regarless of where the podium is.

[cue arguments for the round]


there's something excruciating about the...well the effrontery of sitting right at the front. for someone as stupidly English as me. i don't want to be like that. so i love it when people like Ben make me sit at the front. love it and hate it. and spend my whole time trying not to catch speakers' eyes.

Ben H

Sitting right at the front is a hazard to your neck. Sitting at the back is better, but as long as I can see and hear, I'm fine.


Ben, not sure if you've seen this:


Oh, and always the back - exit strategy. Unless I really, really want to hear someone speak - in which case, it's the front.


erm, sit where you want. unless your boss is a nazi

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