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May 23, 2007


Tom Gifford

Great review, I heard your question last night and was impressed that you'd followed your own advice and sat right at the front. Sadly we'd dawdled a little too long in the bar, although I did manage to sit directly behind the sponsors on Monday night for Weiden and Kennedy. I don't want to gush too much, but I have to say I found it quite revelatory last night. I think what impressed me the most was the sheer level of intelligence and integrity. Michael Beirut's analogy of Designer as Doctor/Surgeon was superb and perfectly summed up something I'd been trying to articulate in my head for a long time now.


It's important to practice what you blog.

Yes the Surgeon analogy was great. I guess I ought to write that up. Especially as my sister in law is a surgeon.

claire Gates

Well done Ben. Shame you didn't stay afterwards, I could have got you some FOC beers.


Great article. It would be nice to see it. Is there a clip of it somewhere?


I think there's going to one on the D&AD site soon. Claire? Steve?


I really enjoyed the talk - amazing to be able to listen to so many intelligent and articulate designers all at once. How they ever come to any conclusions and decisions is slightly beyond me, though.
I will try to write up some thoughts on the talk, and the WK one the night before, ASAP, before I forget it all...

I also took a couple of photos during the talk (apologies for the annoying shutter sound, if it pissed anybody off!)


Nice pictures Mayo.

The wonderful Gwen Yip has sketched some brilliant pictures here: http://dandad.typepad.com/dandad/2007/05/congress_033.html

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