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Jun 10, 2008


Martin - TheUniversityBlog

Legend. You win.

But don't worry, this will only make me visit more.


russell reckons not working means less blogging. i think you've proven otherwise today. well done :)


Which Russell?

Michael Reed

You're okay, Ben. The lack of punctuation would seem to suggest "Please visit but not really." In other words, "Please visit virtually." Seems a perfectly welcoming message for a blog to me.


You could top off it by posting 'Is anyone there?'.

(You know, a bit like the last page of the internet http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm .)


the one that works for the bbc.

Adrian McEwen

Fret not, you're surely subconsciously using "not really" to mean "virtually". I mean, if we all visited the server room where Noisy Decent Graphics resides it wouldn't look anywhere near as pretty, and it'd be a bit crowded.

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