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Jul 22, 2008


Mike Reed

One of the highlights of my student years was seeing Dickie Attenborough, introducing a showing of Cry Freedom at my University, UEA. He just got up and spoke, for a good half hour I reckon, and if he said 'Um' or 'Er', I don't remember it. I do remember thinking, 'He hasn't said "Um" or "Er" once.'

He didn't just talk about the film, he spoke eloquently and passionately - without notes - about cinema, its duty to entertain and its potential to do vastly more. He did it in beautiful, clear, rather luvvy-ish English. And he had the auditorium, as they say, in the palm of his hand. The film was very good, but Dickie was better. (I remember it more clearly than any lecture I went to.)


Erm, I know I can't. Annoying. But it'll come..


That was a long day wasn't it?

As much as I love the image of a servile char being stood upon, I have to say it wasn't quite as you recall. It was more of a couchette in a tex-mex bistro (Buck House won't admit scientology minders after all) and I don't think purple cows had been invented by then.

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