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Sep 09, 2008


Phil Gyford

The previous thing about whoever scores first in football shouldn't be a surprise. You're effectively saying "After one team has got a goal ahead, they're most likely to win." Well, duh. Of course they are; the other team now has to score one more goal than them in order for them to win.

The tennis thing feels like this is also going to be true to some extent -- if you win the first set you're closer to winning than the other guy so of course you're more likely to win -- but is complicated by tennis-specific things like who starts with the serve and the limited number of sets. It would also be interesting to see similar stats for other tennis players.


In football, you go a goal down, you have to take the game to the opponent, pushing more men forward, and leaving yourself exposed to the contemporary counter attack. Just like design.


Phil - I'd like to see stats from all sports. Is it true for any sport? If you score the first try are you more likely to win? Etc.

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