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Dec 24, 2008


Paul Walker

Optima? I don’t think that’s it but it’s the closest I can think of off hand.


Optima was my best guess too but the e and the a don't look right for Optima I don't think!?


Optima has a longer serif on the 'a' .. among other things

Tom Harle

The Zapf version of Optima, think it's called Zapf Humanist? And I'm sure it's not a 'version' of optima, but they have similarities. That's my guess.


Exemplar Pro?


The new MyFonts beta site has a cool new feature called 'more like this' - actually not sure its new, maybe just clearer. Anyway, Stellar and Christiana have similarities. No cigar yet though.


If I get it right, does it help my chances of an internship? ;)

Alex Weston


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