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Feb 02, 2010



Oh. My. Word. A cheesy art director's dream, that one. I'm amazed that got published! Has anyone laughed at it...ever?

Lyle Hebel

Clearly this is a terrible ad and I agree with the above comments. However, it did cause you to post something about it. So, maybe it is working? I guess this would fall under the "any publicity is good publicity".

Nick Asbury

Yes, it's a bad one. It must have been up for years – I recognise it from London Bridge station and I moved out of London over a year ago. (And it was up for at least a year before that.)

It's a real shame that advertisers get away with lowering the tone of a public space like that for years on end. The media owner may not be able to turn away the ads, but they could at least rotate them and give the commuters something new to look at now and again. Imagine having to walk under that hilarious double entendre every day – it's enough to turn anyone into Travis Bickle.


Ad space has got cheap, no? Dot com ads are, it seems, cheaper and correspondingly worse. See: Superbowl.

Frankie Roberto

Ouch, awful.

Also, can advertisers please stop using the "Size matters" line? Cheap, lazy, hackneyed.

Ben Clark

I took a photo of this about three years ago, somewhat bemused by the terrible willy joke. I went though London Bridge last week and was very surprised to see it was still there.


I cringe at it every day - and think it's been there at least five years. Maybe more like ten. Perhaps it was witty, original and daring back then? Perhaps not.


I actually had to explain to my mum where it was about :)

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