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Jan 18, 2011


Rob Mortimer

I was surprised by how poor they were. Focused on product benefits instead of actusl user issues, and quite unengaging for a brand millions of people use every day.

Paul Jeffrey

Ugly and unfunny, well done Google


These seem to be right on brand point with Google. Google's not beautiful – in a good way. These work great IMO. And who advertises browsers anyway?

Martin Farrar-Smith

I seem to remember the original billboards not being too bad. Typography issues aside, why the heck have they stuck the icon that big and in full? It's just baffling. You used to get shouted at in Uni production meetings if everything was thrown to the sides of the page.

I think the last one was the first, strongest idea from the pitch. Then 2 more were commissioned and the agency were like "Crap! We need to do two more! What's that intern doing??!!!"


On the positive side, at least they stuck to one colour for the type

LO Acki

They are on brand and fairly memorable - as memorable as tube posters can be anyway.

Not like those Guardian posters set in Prelo... only joking!...


I was in London last month and noticed these ads too - I completely agree that they're awkward and just-off-the-mark... but the biggest issue I saw with them is that they ignore Google's own surveys that revealed 92% of the people walking by the ads has absolutely no idea what a browser even IS. What a waste.


Since when have Google ever been great at design? I don't use Google mail because it's ugly and cluttered.

Rob Mortimer

@Nina The original Google page was one of the best pieces of technology minimalism ever.


I agree on the "breaks" type arrangement, it makes me cringe every time I walk past it.

I actually felt that the copy and imagery in the last poster was working at odds. The phrase is "not waiting to see" but the image indicates you're waiting for something to load.

It was my initial gut read, but that made me assume I was waiting for something to load in Google Chrome. Which counteracts the message somewhat.

The video ad version of these is really great, however. I think this is the American version but you get the idea:


It plays your totally involuntary reaction to complete the phrase, I think it's very clever.

Short Run Books

Exactly Matt, selling a browser is an uphill struggle. Furthermore to echo Remedy: "What a waste", placing these adverts in the tube.

Something is working for Google though, as their share of the browser market is growing well! (Chrome surpassed 10% share of global browser usage for the first time in January)

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