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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your name?
Ben Terrett.

What's your email address?
ben at riglondon dot com

What is Noisy Decent Graphics?
It's a blog.

What's it all about?
First and foremost it's a blog about graphic design and the life of a graphic designer. Sometimes the blog creeps into design in general and then some related stuff about communication, ideas and inevitably brands.

Do you have a biography?
Yes, I do. You can find that here

Do you have a profile picture?
Yep, I do. You can find that here too

Do you work at The Design Conspiracy?
I used to. I co-founded it in 2001 and I sold my stake in June 2008.

What are you doing now?
I'm a partner in Really Interesting Group.

Can I hire you, or RIG?
Yes, of course. That would be fun. Email me on the address above.

Have you got any jobs?
Not at the moment, but I would post them up here if I did.

Why do you blog?
Firstly, as a bit of an experiment to see how all this works and now because it's a brilliant way to discover things, meet people, share ideas and add to my life as a designer.

Are you a planner?

Do you want to be a planner?

Can you review my book / portfolio/ website/ companies rebrand / logo / the cool article I sent you?
Maybe. Send it over and if I have the time and if I feel I have something to say then I'll write about it. But please don't send me something and expect a four page review overnight. Ta.

Will you post about my conference / job opp / strange request?
See above.

I'm a student and I've got a question for designers. Will you post it here for me?
Yes. Email me.

Can you come and talk at my college / conference / office / WI meeting?
Thanks for asking. If the dates fit, then I'd love to. Drop me a line.

Can I publish / copy one of your posts / photos?
As long as it's not for commercial use then yeah, probably. But email me first and ask, it's only polite.

Can I use one of your posts for my dissertation / final project?
Yes, of course. I'd love to know about it though, so drop me an email if you have time.

I emailed you a few weeks ago and you haven't replied. Are you ignoring me?
No. Either I haven't got round to replying or your email slipped past my eager eyes. Send it again if you like.

I emailed you again and you haven't replied. Are you ignoring me?

Where do you find the time?
No idea.