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Jan 09, 2006


rebecca and mike

Glad you liked the photos on the BMB site. You know that we've shot 2500 pics of Bs and Ms for them so far? One of our favourites is a B that's made out of a rotting ram's skull and backbone that we stumbled across on Dartmoor. Got a good one out of a moulded car's reflection/refraction headlamp recently (shot in Plymouth), and a nice multiple cactus M (when viewed upside-down) that we poked our eyes out on in Buckinghamshire!


Hello, Rebecca and Mike, are you guys the photographers?

Be great to see the ram's skull.

rebecca and mike

Hi Ben,

Sorry for any ambiguity. Yes, we personally photographed all that stuff for BMB (however, we're not 'Photographers' in the vocational category sense; our remit's broader than that). Just to say though, that on that job we only did the photography (and the idea), we didn't lay it out with text on their business cards (and all other applications) etc.

In a few weeks time you should be able to see a 3d logo variant through their office door. That one incorporates a piece of 19th century church panelling as the M. What's nice about it is that it's some panelling that was salvaged from a church that had been squatted, so it comes complete with far-out symbolic painting.

Unfortunately we can't really release the Ram's skull picture. That's BMB's property now. If you were REALLY keen you could either:

do lots of business card swapping with various folk from BMB (its probably on someone's card - each person has multiple versions)

put a request direct to Trevor Beattie. Out of the 2500 photos he should remember it.

However Ben, as you may point out, you're not THAT keen to see it!

Actually, it's also due to make a brief (and thumbnail-sized) appearance in the next issue of Super Super magazine. It's part of a pull-out poster piece by us that they're hoping to run with. http://www.myspace.com/thesupersuper is their rather manic (and highly appropriate for them) site.

rebecca and mike

ps. for those unfamiliar with Super Super, here's a Sunday Times article:


Thanks for that R&M. I'm sure Trev reads this, so maybe he'll email it?

rebecca and mike

Hi Ben, Just curious, what makes you sure Trev reads this?


It was a joke.

rebecca and mike

for those who are interested, that issue of Super Super is out now.
buy online:
buy offline:

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