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Jan 25, 2006



Hell, I don't even use Word for personal correspondence anymore. It's InDesign all the way baby.


Don't know if this post is still viewed but regardless...

I'm currently looking for my 3rd job. At an interview with a recruitment agency I was surprised to see my CV as a fax printout, grainy and high contrast. It was originally emailed to them as a pdf, and fortunately I'd kept the design simple: name in bold type plus an obvious but not over bearing logo.

People still use faxes and your CV design should recognise this. Too much design means lots of ink coverage and no one will think well of you if their first impression is your CV in reverse on their hands or clothes. Put your best 'white space is my friend' hat on for this job.


The post is still viewed, yeah.

You make a good point. I guess I was really talking about the content of your CV and not the design, so much.

Maybe I'll come back to that.


I was surfing the net for some "inspirational" ideas to "redesign" my boring and obvious information cv. I got into 2 pages: 1, with some visual samples (they rock!) and 2, this page.... tips are hot! #10 is great! (I can't believe I still do that!) though I'm still hesitating about number 8 which by the way many companies still manage jpgs files... I think "more" than Acrobat (for pfs)...
Anyway, GREAT tips!!!


Some (non-design specific) recruitmant websites ask for CV's as word files.

Word to the wise - it is possible to copy and paste from InDesign to Word and a suprising amount of your formatting will stay in-tact. You'll probably have to stick to Arial or Georgia mind.

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