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Jan 16, 2006



Hahaha yes I hate them too!! Their logos is shite!!

David Hardy

I quite like the insert thats of guy pushing a Lambretta out of the garage... Being a Lambretta owner myself


i agree the logos are terrible, but not as bad as the programming. It is truly unwatchable most of the time


All of this very true, if i watch anything its BBC, Ch4 or the various channels on SKY.

ITV Logos and style = Crap (BBCs has class and CH4s has a 'Cool' feel). I actually prefered the old ITV logos to them new ones.

Also true crap football coverage, why not just watch match of the day!? Its so much better. Live football is poo and the presenters are tacky.

Dont get me wrong i do like a few ITV programmes Ant and Dec, Millionare, X Facter but there isnt much more!


you missed out 7. takes off the only reason ppl watch itv (namely the bill) and replace it with horseshit like. I'M a hasbeen, restart my carrer, and their lastist bordem.. ITSTINKS (extintct)

Kevin S

I totally agree with all u said. ive actually written my own blog on why i hate ITV.Its great to see someone else vent their feelings in writing!
I think that had it not been for shows like Champs league,X factor and coronation street, they would be crumbling down the ranks.
I hate ITv so much that the only thing i watch is Champs league footy.It even makes me uncomfortable if ppl are watching itv in the same room as I.I literally have to control myself not to say sthing!
thx for making my day!

p.s: http://chopthiswokthat.blogspot.com
Post your comments plz!


You forgot to mention The Mint.


I hate ITV and have done for a long time.

I hate their programmes, and I hate the way they have too many adverts.

The final straw however, was last night.

As a Geordie and a Newcastle United fan, I have had it with ITV.

We have watched our team from July get through the early stages of the UEFA cup, all the way up to the last 16 on Channel 5, not losing a game....

They move it to ITV last night, the coverage is even WORSE, we lose and we get knocked out!!!

One more important reason to HATE ITV!!!


I hate ITV almost as much as I hate pompey! (A lot)
The logos are beyond crap. I mean I didn't like the old ones but these ones are just awful.
The programming is also crap. The only things worth watching are Coronation Street and The Bill (sometimes). The rest of the programmes I cant even sit through. Apart from champions league football which I watch but still hate.
I used to go on about things like the mint and X factor and all the premium rate numbers and stuff but thats finally been sorted now. Well sort of anyway.
And probably the main reason I hate ITV - football. Where do I start? Theres so much thats wrong about the football on ITV, I honestly cant think of one good thing about it. Unless you count the fact that they are showing it so at least you do get to see the match. And now they've got the rights to the FA cup and England home matches. So now they're gonna ruin the FA cup as well.

Rob Mortimer

They dont make them like TSW anymore...



I don't mind ITV. I HATE the BBC with a passion though.

Bunmi D

I HATE TV, well, I do not like to use the word HATE, as I deem it too strong, so I say... Anywho, who needs TV when you have the WWW! xoxo...

Nick Archer

ITV has gone downhill, it has become superficial and americanised with flashy backgrounds and all that crap... Take this for example "goldenballs" which is a load of balls or Channel 4's "Deal or no Deal" its less superficial and makes one hell of a lot better television! But I do agree with what you said! At the moment Channel 4 and BBC1 are shining through with things like The Apprentice, Big brother, HOLLYOAKS (which is improving), Doctor Who and Waterloo Road.


I've always hated their branding - it's always felt like a 'have a go hero' project or something someone did bad in college.


ITV has always been absolute shite. They mangaged to get even worse by bringing in those stupid American chat show things. Then they let Jeremy Kyle make his own show. I feel my IQ lowering when i watch these shows.
Seriously, ITV has few redeeming factors, the only things I can think of are:
Movies(It's hard for them to screw up a film they didn't make)
Early morning comedy(Things like 2DTV and other bizarre things they fill space with, but should put on all the time)

I'm gonna stop there, I could be here all day.


The XFACTOR is so overrated and way over dramatic everything is staged. Like Simon Cowell is some kind of god even the opening titles are dramatic a Giant X hitting the UK. The music OH FORTUNA played over and over again. Simon's 'were gonna bring back louis walsh' speach is so dramatic its like there gonna bring back fucking Jesus! Then Louis Walsh appears from behind lights!!!!!


ITV are abdervoutely appawling. No one in their right mind would choose it over BBC or Sky. They have 3 decent programmes, the bill, coronation st and xfactor. None of them made by them (explains why they are decent programmes) i hope their rating continue dropping and they fuck off our screens


shite logos-shite tv channels, even the bill sucks these days. the whole thing oozes tack.

ps scofeild and willoughby need to be dumped on an island with a vasectomy and some tied tubes to stop any chance of arse licking mutant offspring being created

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