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Apr 25, 2006



Re: Pentagram - "I think of them like the Beatles" is quite significant. True they're still No.1 (but who decides??) like the Fab 4
but like John (RIP), Paul, George (RIP) and Ringo they haven't come up with anything really great since the seventies!!!



What about these, for a taster.


The Public Theater

The Guardian

MIT website


hmmm...... sorry. not impressed.
With Pentagram you've got to lift your hat to them, respect! but 'really great' doesn't come to my mind looking at these 'tasters'. EAT is pretty bland and bloody sad for a chain of food stores, Public Theater was even made fun of by some partners within the group and quite rightly, The Guardian - OK, OK but when was that done??, MIT I don't get it. No 'I Am the Walrus' or 'Strawberry Fields Forever' there more 'Obla Di Obla Da' but those Pocket Canons a few years back were cute. I remember, a rimanising, Pete Saville refering to them as 'being more engaged in the business of being Pentagram than with innovation' and I think that sums them up and that's probably why they are top. On the whole their work IS a lot better than most but I wonder how much it really catches the imagination of people outside the industry? I have one particular gripe with that logo/identity for the Sage in Gateshead (http://www.pentagram.com/en/portfolio-marks-19.htm) very lightweight - shame. That Fletcher book about 'looking sideways' was damn good but he's left.....He's got a show at the Design museum in Nov., will be interesting to see how it compares with his ol'mate Robert Brownjohn's one and, incidently, Pentagram's current portfolio...... Pace e bene.

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