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May 12, 2006



The Lovemarks site is kind of a double edged sword; on one hand, you want people to view, vote and so on, but as a result, it becomes very flavour of the month.

Last time I checked, I think a Bollywood actor was top of the pile? Comparing him with Coke or Nike in the average person's consciousness is like comparing the Malvern Hills with Everest.

But then, I suppose the site is testament to one thing; what you and I consider to be 'super brands' just don't figure in the consciousness of others: they are so ubiquitous, they are assumed to be always there, and as such, more flavour of the month brands rise to the top.

I'd be interested to hear what others think.

Rob Mortimer

Three Bollywood actors in the top ten, that's what you get when it runs on a popularity contest style voting.

That said, having seen the devotion that Bollywood fans have for SRK and other actors like Aamir Khan; being in a high place on that chart seems perfectly justified.

I think there are thousands of brands that have strong attachements in this way, and while the audiences that love them may be much much smaller, they are no less passionate than fans of (say) apple.

Rob Mortimer

Wow. Just realised how old this post is... stupid spam comment driving me here!

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