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Jul 24, 2006



OK. Here's your chance to educate the rest of us. I would like a really detailed explanation of why that's true. With lots of examples. Show your working.

I've heard about kerning all my life, kind of understood it, in the way that people think they kind of understand relativity. But I'd like to actually understand it.

So, away you go.



What a great challenge. OK, you're on.

I'll try and do it this week.


Were you thinking about serifs?
I am curious about your future kerning lecture. Because so far I don't agree with you.


Haha! Blip, I look forward to your comments, when I finally get round to writing about kerning.


The Great Kerning Challenge. Could be the internet event of the year.


Contestants will be required to leap through the space between a "v" and an "a" set on fire.

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