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Aug 25, 2006



Any chance your anonymity's in danger now you've shown a sample of your writing?

That aside, looks great. Now you just need to find out who's in charge of this sort of thing...

Charles Edward Frith

Hey Alex, I had a blank last night if you want to be tangential :)


i know i'm a bit late on commenting but i'm going to anyway.

we have the same problem in the states. receipts, if available, are useless. but i think the addition of a "tip" and "total" would be useful as well -- at least for how my expense reports must be filled!

good idea, tick.


Ben, Do you find that you get an unusually high amount of traffic to this link? If so it may be because this image is on the first page of results for Google Images on 'blank taxi receipts'? People are bent aren't they?

Suffern's Deborah Taxi

I appreciate your posting this- I have a taxi and I provide receipts. Mine are business cards with info space that I am redesigning. I will use your template this time. (Note: customers are upset with the details I write! hahaha)


Interesting. I didn't realize there was a "standard" taxi receipt for London. Is this the same across all of Great Britain?

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