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Aug 27, 2006



Christ, I never think about this kind of thing. Maybe I should.


Yeah, that's kind of what I think. It's so easy to grab images off the internet it's easy to forget they are 'owned' by someone else. Flickr is worse becuase it's like borrowing an image off one person and not a corporation.

But, technically, it's still wrong. Some people make a living out of taking pictures!

Paul H. Colman

I never take them from Flickr. And I always let 'The Wife' know if I use hers.

Good post - will be more careful in future.


Your blog has an unfair advantage due to The Wife's photography. Bet she can't run though.

Paul H. Colman

She only lets me use her photography sparingly.

She 'jogs' very very occasionally.

Guinn (Student Designer)

I'm a student designer just starting out so I'm not sure what flies in the professional design world, but I usually pull my photos from sxc.hu (due to an obvious shortage of money) and istock.com if I can afford it for the project. I credit, of course, but is this considered a taboo?

I've noticed the Washington Post has started using a lot of photography from Getty Images, which is interesting.

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