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Sep 18, 2006



I've been to the conference and I'm reading your blog for some time, now. I had a really great experience meeting you guys. You were really inspiring. By the way Ben, when you going to post that thing I've suggested you, about the ergonomics of the design?


Hi Claudiu,

That's a tricky subject you've chosen, but I'll tackle it shortly.


i was there too and had a marvelous, as well as inspirational time. thank you !


Hi Diana, thanks for all the links on your blog. Very comprehensive!

And thanks everyone for the massive compliments.


When did you stop being anonymous?


You weren't paying attention? Too busy with your 27 comments?


Was there a memo I missed?



I'm a graphic designer from Australia and was wondering if anyone knew of any design conferences/exhibitions in or near London in October?


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