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Sep 21, 2006


Brad Brooks

Wow. Bang on. I think half the time we're all conflicted - half our brain wants to try and escape clichés, to create something new and meaningful in every sense (and with one eye on the design annuals), while the other half is shouting "No, you cretin! Communicate what needs to communicated! If it's a cliché, who the f**k cares, as long as it says what it has to without being up it's own arse?!"


Check out Sony ads that offer the men and women different alternate endings. Also, the interface colors for men (blue) and women (pink). In the case of your toilets, I get it. In the case of a self-selecting moment like this, then it's reinforcement of girls like pink and boys like blue.


its, not it's!


Hi, I'm a graphic design student and I find your article here is quite interesting. I am doing a project under the theme Androgyny. I agree with you that sometimes designers are too dependent on stereotypical elements in their designs. Talking about stereotypes, I feel that people have been dominated and controlled by gender-stereotypes that even broadens the gap between genders. And designers play a massive power here. I will be glad if we can share some opinions, maybe I can get some inspiration for my project? :p thanks

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