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Oct 24, 2006


Mark McGuinness

Heatherwick is brilliant. Thanks for posting the article extracts, I find his whole approach to creative thinking and doing very inspiring.

I discovered him earlier this year on TV and blogged about it here http://www.wishfulthinking.co.uk/blog/2006/06/07/the-ingenious-thomas-heatherwick
It's been one of my most popular posts, purely from people search for 'Thomas Heatherwick' on Google - so on that evidence I would guess a lot of people find him inspiring. Several people have asked me if I know of any books about him - I've not found any, have you?


"He wanted his ideas to evolve as he made them. Lots. Quickly. Making mistakes. Learning. Evolving. That's the best way to work."

I agree, so much that actually that is what I am working on doing, not only professionally.


I met him last year. He is very down to earth and so inspiring. His next project is a cafe in Littlehampton - www.eastbeachcafe.co.uk and his last had him amongst the fashion pack in New York designing the new Lonchamps store www.longchamp.com/en/ the observer has an article about him here http://observer.guardian.co.uk/magazine/story/0,,1311117,00.html
He rocks.


Hi Mark, I haven't found any books, sorry.

Claire, that's brilliant, thanks for that!


Just like the Wishfulthinking site, I just couldnt believe some else describing exactly how I felt after watching the BBC documentary on Thomas. Right after the ducmentary ended I turned on my pc and search for Thomas work, wanted to know who he is and the beauty he creates.

I felt from watching the documentary that Thomas has such simplicity and yet with a strong inquisitive mind.

I think he is a dream cather, he dreams and somehow he manages to retrive items from that world into ours.

It is such a good feeling to know such people, like Thomas are among us, they add beauty to this planet!

Thank you!

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