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Oct 26, 2006




Mike Towers

Wow wish I was down in the 'Smoke' fine specimens!


Come on Claire...

henry lambert

sounds good. I'll wear a frock.


So, basically, you're going back to the tenet of 'sex sells'?

I'm there.

Paul H. Colman

I shall be wearing my heels.

Marcus Brown

will you have a pink table cloth?

dan at innocent

I'm going to come along. I will use the backdoor.



The only reason I ever go to these things is so I can avoid doing any work for a couple of hours.


ah, damn it! why do i have to be so far away ? :((


what's next week's subject for discussion?

Marcus Brown

boys, probably.


Love to, but I'm not in London that day. Maybe I could round up some locum girls.


Claire - no topic, just idle chat.

I don't want to put a downer on things, but Claire is the only girl so far.


Hey, what is the deal with the hippies' backdoor in London? Ops. I mean, I took a picture of that sign. Is it everywhere now?


I can wear a tie?


I took the Hippies sign when I was last in the Breakfast Club.

Claire - wear what you like. Red socks are always popular.


I mean I took a picture of the Hippies sign. I'm not a dirty thief. Obviously.


Have I taken this out of focus thing


at the same place? Seems so.


The very same place.


I'd love to help out, and thought I'd be able to, but no can do sadly.

Will there be tupperware?

Marcus Brown

tupperware is good. Ben you'd make a killing if you took some tupperware with you.


All Northern Planning girlies welcome at the next Northern Planning Summit too. http://joymachine.typepad.com/northern_planner/2006/10/northern_planni.html


I can make it, for a bit anyway.

Picklin paul

I got an email from Paul C about this yesterday. I didn't read it properly so I turned up this morning... I am just recovering from the embarrassment of introducing myself to a nice bunch of people who were having their team breakfast. They look very confused as I tried to explain why I was there - apparently they know a Ben but he's on holiday. An advanced hangover made the experience even more painful.

I may have to wear a dress next week as a disguise.


brilliant - I love that you admitted turning up today. Now you'll have to go next week so everyone can take the mickey.


One word of warning - the Breakfast Club opens at 8, theoretically, sometimes they're a little tardy. Often it's more like 8.10.

Have fun without me. I'm going to be in Oregon.


"apparently they know a Ben but he's on holiday".

Paul, that's brilliant. You will be popular next week, I feel.

Marcus Brown

wish I could be there.

simon darwell-taylor

I'll come along too but I wont wear a dress though, just my usual ladies undergarments


I agree with lebowski. 8am? dude?

Parick Syms

Space for two Staufenbergers?


Any of them girls?

Parick Syms

Afraid not. Can we still come?


Yes of course.


I'll try to come along. I might only be able to stay for an hour but that's enough time for me to drink enough coffee to make me unbearable anyway...


One hour is fine. More than enough.

By the way listeners, you don't have to be a strategy genius to attend, you don't have to have a blog, you don't have to bring your laptop, you don't have to turn up at 8 o clock.

It would help if you were female though.


okay okay I'm coming!

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