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Oct 20, 2006


Mike Towers

Hey, just been to "What Brand Are You", put in my name and core values and guess what it came back with PENUS!!! Don't think i'll re-brand after all, though, I think my wife would agree with the computer!

Andrew Walkingshaw

What Valerie asked wasn't actually quite what I was getting at; I was thinking more of all the professions where non-designers - be they in media (writers, musicians, record labels, publishers), software, wherever - need the services of professional designers.

I was wondering, essentially, what you (as a professional designer) would like these non-professionals to know - so they ask good questions and request realistic things - and where they should get it from! 'Popular design' as an analogue of 'popular science', if you like.

Thank you for this week; it's been fascinating reading.

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