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Nov 12, 2006



As someone who works outside of the graphic design field, but has great interest in design, I love reading your thoughts on designers and being able to see the impact they've had on modern techinques and design in general (i.e. Alan Fletcher).

I just started reading The Art of Looking Sideways from your recommendation, and it is absolutely brilliant. I can't remember the last time I've read something so insightful.


Thanks for the swift preview, I had no doubts (and it's only half of it).
Now that's what I call a TASTER (with reference to your previous Pentagram examples)

Brad Brooks

Thanks for this. I can't wait to go.

Ciaran McCabe

Thank you.
Very tempted to jump in a plane and will before
February 18.
Looking forward to your further comments.


My public library has that book, Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons.


I've just got back from the exhibition (I don't have a proper job either and get to spend my days swanning round exhibitions and blogging coffee mornings. It's great), and my camera also died there.

That aside, it is an absolutely brilliant exhibition. Not just for the undeniable brilliance of his graphic design, but because it makes you appreciate the importance of looking outside your own field at creating interesting pieces of visual communication. So employing architects and product designers, keeping your eyes open to different influences and so on. The range of what he created is phenomenal and an important reminder of what you can achieve if you avoid being narrow-minded, or too tied to a brief, in terms of what you create.

And then I went to the pub for a pint. All in all, a great afternoon.


I went last night - you were right Ben!

I've blogged on it here



My Asian classmates just told me that his great book will be reprinted this July (2008) by Zoar Int'l Press! it's a English-Chinese Bilingual Limited Edition. Incl. Orig. 1963 Introduction & New Interview w/ Bob Gill. ISBN: 978-986-83080-4-6

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