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Nov 22, 2006



How about loading them up to Flickr and getting yourself some decent Moo cards this time?

Yours flippantly,


Haha yes maybe. Although I fancy doing something non digital.

By the way, I did get some decent Moo cards, probably 25% didn't print. The ones that worked are marvelous. Bloody lovely. And they gave me the cards for free as some didn't print.

So, Moo cards, brilliant. Get some. http://www.moo.com/

Paul H. Colman





What about some sort of rudimentary huge map of the world showing where you've been using postcards. Or something. Uf - I dunno. Been at work all day and that's pretty much the final semi-idea I have. Sorry.


A book of the exhibition and some promo posters. But before you do all that, send some my way please. Nice "K".

(Or cut them up and make swear words).


As a teenager, the swearwords option wins for me. But big, in posters.


nice exhibition in your nice new offices?

Brad Brooks

Book. Or PDF you can share with all of us :)


I like the exhibition and book option, like what Erik Kessels does. Or a slideshow and talk somewhere with comfy cushions. But the swear-words idea is a good one too.

Marcus Brown

give them to me.

henry lambert

scan them in and make a book out of them:



I knew you'd have a sensible suggestion Henry.

Andrew Kingham

Share them outside design world, perhaps;
a) Organise into triptychs and decorate corporate lifts
b) Use Henry's idea and place book into library shelves

Mrs Colman



Very harsh from you Mrs Colman. I thought you Colmans had a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy?


henry lambert

I don't know if you've seen this, but it's a pretty cool way of displaying stuff: http://lbtoronto.typepad.com/lbto/2006/11/technology_desi.html

BTW thanks for Friday evening - very enjoyable

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