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Dec 20, 2006



Great work. People will be happy to get one.

Iain Tait

You did ask what we thought, so...

I think it's great!

It's a really tough job to create something that takes a look inside your company and has been designed to go to an external audience.

We've all seen plenty of stinkers where people have done things that just end up feeling really self absorbed and full of in-jokes.

Your annual doesn't. It makes me think "what a nice bunch of people who've got a real and genuine passion for what they do".

Nice work and Happy Christmas.

Marcus Brown

Excellent. Very nice indeed. What paper did you print it on? Does it smell like a Blue Peter Annual?


Thank you everyone. It isn't actually printed, it's just a PDF.

We'd love to get it printed but it's a tad expensive for not many copies and it also means we'd have to finish it too early in the year.

Joe Moran

Who's the babe?


Marcus Brown

How many pieces do you want to print ben? I'm sure I can sort something out for you guys. It is Christmas after all.


Much better than the Beano and The Dandy.

Seriously, a really good piece of work.

Paul H. Colman

Brilliant. Get Marcus to print it and let me have one. Please.

Brad Brooks

Yeah, me too :)


Don't forget me!


How rude would it be not to give the very first person to comment one of those?


Marcus, that's brilliant. Almost as good as the Elf thing...

I'll be in touch.


one for me too please

Marcus Brown

You'll have to come for a press pass mind.


We will.

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