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Dec 29, 2006



Cheers Ben!

Can't sleep tonight due to too much booze and chinese food so forgive me if I go on a bit here: For me 2006 has been the year of the blog. I've got so much out of Ace Jet, NDG, Design Observer, Russell's stuff and all his connections (really enjoyed Perfect Pitch and have been recommending it to everyone).

I love my blog. Really LOVE it. But the unexpected positive feedback I've had has been inspiring. Who'd have thought this time last year I'd be doing something that was being seen by people all around the world. Pentagram's Michael Bierut has linked to Ace Jet twice for god's sake! (Although I note he hasn't responded to my less than subtle suggestion that he add me to his "Recommended Sites" list. So much for my campaign of flagrant self-promotion). In many ways I feel that, although I really like my work, my blog is probably the second best thing I've ever done, it's certainly been the second most exciting (the "firsts" being marrying my brilliant wife and having two brilliant boys).

What I absolutely love about beng a designer is how there's always something new to learn (even now as I approach the big four zero) and although I may continue to minus track a little, I'll now do it even more carefully than I did before. I'll also keep my clumsy mouth shut when I find myself in a compromising position with a famous designer type (actually, I bet I don't).

The connections I've made have been brilliant too. I've met some lovely and talented people since moving to NI and the design "scene" here is much healthier than it was in the East Midlands but I do miss old Blighty so being able to tap into what's happening over there has been both welcome and enriching.

I'm also pleased with my extensive use of the word "brilliant". One day I'll count up just how many times I've used it on on Ace Jet. Few other words fit the bill.

Thanks Ben for the support and the short but very positive comments. Your's is the first blog I visit every working day and I'm looking forward to another great (no, make that "brilliant") year on Noisy Decent Graphics.

Happy New Year!

(Just as I click the "Post" button, the words of my old boss Roger Goodyear come back to me, "Richard", he would say, "use fewer words.")




Ben, just found your blog and love it. Am sending you an email separately as well. Fyi, the Cunt poster is an exact ripoff of the same idea (done much better) in the 70s or so that featured the word shit. Though in the first one the word was harder to read (which added to its brilliance). Keep up the good work. :-)


Whoo (and may I add) Hoo! Contrary to what my previous comment suggested, those lovely people on Design Observer HAVE added me to their "Recommended Sites" list after all. What a brilliant way to start '07.


Happy new year!
For me, like Richard, 2006 also was the year I started keeping read blog, Although I found this blog in the end of 2005. and without doubt, this one is the top one design blog I ever read. Good job, Ben! CR's blog is a nice one too, some of article even been put into there printed magazines. That's really a good combination.
I'm looking forward to see what's going on in 2007.

Jim Holt

Alison Carmichael's Cunt poster reminds me of a piece by Sam Taylor-Wood which I saw hanging in Damien Hirst's offices a while back. It provoked an interesting range of emotions when I noticed it hanging behind the receptionist while I chatted with her.

I had a 'Withnail and I' moment similar to the scene when Marwood pees in a pub toilets and reads some graffiti that says 'I fuck arses' to which he comments internally 'Who fucks arses?', 'maybe he fucks arses' referring to a big abusive bloke he had encountered outside the toilets.

The internal conversation I had was similarly quizzical. Who's a cunt?', 'I've just read it, maybe I'm the cunt?'.

There's a whole load of info about how the C word has been used in art and reappropriated accompanied by a photo of Sam's screenprint here: http://www.matthewhunt.com/cunt/reappropriation.html

The best use of vulgar frilly lettering that I ever saw was one of my dad's old ties which had a symmetrical pattern down the centre which spelled the word 'Bullshit' in ornate engraved lettering. Apparently it was an ideal device for keeping meetings on track.

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