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Dec 09, 2006



I'm an art student!
You're right about painting on windows - we have "I eat" in a speech bubble painted onto one of ours.

Jonathan L.

I am a design student too.

I always thought it was funny how there was always some kind of art in the halls, etc. so I installed a sculpture on the side of a major hallway without permission. It stayed up for 2 weeks undisturbed until I removed it myself.

By the way, thanks for the posts, they are very helpful. I almost done with school and looking for internships or entry-level work, so it really helps to see what agencies are looking for.

Marcus Brown

Ben, I am very pleased to see that old book by David Cherry. Excellent. Just hope they read it.


I'm a design student in south africa and our walls/windows have random things all over... I know there's a quote which has been copied out onto the one wall which has been there for years...

Sean Rees

I've been reading this blog for a while now, and so chuffed to see this! I've recently graduated from Cardiff, I'd have loved to have given a talk buy you guys!

I'm glad it went well, and I hope Cardiff can get more top-class guys like you away from London to give talks!

This has brought a smile to my face! Good on Olwen

Sean Rees

and just to clarify,

the "Everything I held" had "so dear" ... "disapeared without a trace" on the floor underneath it, but it must have did what it said on the tin! (It's a David Grey lyrik)


I'm a design student and was at that Design Forum talk, thanks so much it was really inspiring. I think I asked some garbled question at the end about banking with the co-op. Hope you'll be able to come back in future years? tom


this is a great picture!


5years later and the blog is dead. Dead or comatose. Guess you just moved on to more improtant stuff and are too busy to manage your social media agenda. Good luck - I was just researching UWIC-CSAD from Rotterdam. That's east of London.


Don't ask how I got here, I very much do believe through probably the strangest and most random chain of events on the web. It did, however, start off with Erik Spiekermann's twitter feed.
Some really cool stuff here, thought I'd mention that I attended the D&AD portfolio clinic a couple of months ago, and these pictures just look all too familiar.
I'm a BAGC student at the Cardiff School of Art & Design. Hah.
Nice shot of the window lettering from the 2nd floor landing.


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