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Dec 14, 2006



They've even got a blog look http://www.dobem.com/blogdobem/default.asp

Do you think their 'designer' wears a false beard?


Have you seen this one? Not as close to the mark, but still bloody cheek: http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent_drinks/2006/08/the_highest_for.html


I've been ripped off a few times. Sometimes, when it's small stuff, I find it funny, at the same time pittying the poor talentless fool unable to come up with anything better. The bigger it is the more annoying it can be.

I was the creative part of a team that pitched for the rebranding of Midland Mainline a few years ago. Lost out. Fair enough, you win some...

(Interestingly, Speikermann publicly slagged off the new MM branding in Design Week.)

Months later National Express (Midland Mainline's sister company) invited us to take part in another pitch, this time for marketing stuff. They showed us their new logo. We were very surprised to see that it bore an uncanny resemblance to something that had gone down well at the MM pitch (only not as good). Ooh, I was mad!

Now, to be fair to the designer, I can imagine how that could have happened in all innocence: someone client-side scribbles an idea down, "do something like this"...that explains the (only slightly) different execution. But I'm not sure how that really stacks up.

Anyway, I like what Paul H Coleman says (via Alex's link):

"They might get some obvious things looking similar, like the bottles, labels, and story. But they have none of the soul."

(You know, I've been waiting years to get that off my chest. Thanks Ben, I feel cleansed.)


I have actually sent them a picture of one that they do in Barcelona. Probably enjoying the company of the other 49.

What really pisses me off about copyists is that sometime the copy is so well done that you wonder "if you do have the skills, why copy?".

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