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Dec 14, 2006



OK, here's a suggestion for the next 'big' topic (viz a viz 'A Day in the Life of...') - we, your humble listeners, will suggest the brand and then you have to go out and sell them this book.

Here's a starter - Agent Provocateur.



Iain Tait

I so want a copy of that book. I'm very jealous!


I have a copy, which a friend gave me when we both worked for an ecommerce dotcom, would have been 1999 plus or minus a year.

Agree it's a very carefully done spoof. The text doesn't have (as far as I recall) any jokes or puns; it's just slightly oversimplified, and the illustrations have the classic Ladybird style without overkill - which giving the family above 70s clothes would have been. It actually is a Ladybird book, rather than just looking like one, opf course.

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