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Dec 13, 2006



It was surprisingly interesting, a bit like watching a stranger's clothes in a drier.
What technology did you use to make the DITL happen? Just curious what tools you needed.


It was good, probably once you get the hang of the techie stuff it will come together. I loved the images though, maybe you should just do photos?

When's the next one?


Claire - I'm not sure about there being another one.

Caspian - good question. I tried and tried and tried to get Twitter to work, but it wouldn't. There were problems with my phone number.

I contacted the Twitter support and they fixed it, but not in enough time for me to use it. I was disappointed, but fair enough they have better things to do, I suppose.

Typepad have an application that you can download to you phone, but it only works if you have a fancy PDA or Blackberry or summits. Not the Flintstones phone I have.

I tried logging onto Typepad via the wap on my phone but that didn't work.

So in the end I set up my Typepad account to accept posts from my GMail account. You can access GMail on the humblest of phones and it's brilliant. Really simple like all the best Google stuff. So, I logged onto GMail, wrote an email and sent it in. A little bit complicated and quite slow, but it worked.

I did all that for you.


I really really really think you should do another one.

And then instead of you going to the Hospital, you and your readers could all meet up at the end of the day and discuss. Much merriment would ensue.

Or..how about a simultaneous day in the life of ?

Sorry...I'm getting a bit carried away....

Lee J

You think your life's mundane. You should try living in Blackburn... actually, you don't.

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