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Dec 22, 2006



I like your card and Mike's as well.
(Note to self: next year, DO send out cards...)

sue turner

Regarding your air freshner pastiche.
I guess you can't keep a good idea down: It's a carbon copy of my personal 1995 christmas card.

Happy New Year.


Thanks for my card by the way. Very good.

Did Paul send you a Yakult one? What do you think of it?


No Paul didn't. Miserable git.

Sue, any pics?


Come on guys - you know I'm far too important to do my own Christmas cards. I do promise though that the first day back next week I'll make sure someone pays for this oversight, that you can be sure of.

sue turner

Hi Ben.
No pics but have hard-copies in storage.
My version was inspired by my unfortunate and undeserved diving ban of that year. Bastards.

sue turner

Essential addendum.

Happy New Year.


my son painted one, greatly aided by the Mrs. That's as good as it got this year. V disappointing. He also made a tea towel...

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