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Jan 19, 2007


Marcus Brown

All good.


Nice work, absolutely awful presentation. Did you do it in powerpoint?

However, I need to be convinced whether a layman would notice the difference between what you've done and a competent execution using After Effects or Final Cut.

I wouldn't show it to your top 20 dream clients though.

David Airey

I agree with biv, poor presentation. Dolly isn't doing you any favours either. Clients don't like 9-5 :)

Great work though. Kudos.


What don't you like about it guys? Apart from Dolly.

It's just some pics bundled together on YouTube. Or is that the bit you don't like?


Ben - maybe they're those most vehement of critics from unknown print shops in the deepest mid-west, or seemingly disenchanted professionals in the outer regions of the UK, that have also upset Michael Johnson (see his thought for the week over at http://www.johnsonbanks.co.uk ).

Don't take it to heart.

Marcus Brown

unknown print shop in Munich likes it.

Brad Brooks

I don't like it 'cos it's got feckin' Chelsea in it. How could you?



I preferred this blog when it was anonymous and we didn't know who you were or get shown the work your design company does.


I like to see the material of the design, useful and unuseful at the same time...that catches the eye and keep your mind thinking after the contact...
(sorry for bad english)


I'm afraid those days have past Anon, you'll have to take up the anonymous mantle form here.

Don't you think it's about time I showed some of the 'practice' that I 'preach'?


Hi Ben,

The presentation cheapens the quality of the work that's all. Maybe these days it's just not enough to 'bundle stuff together' and stick it on youtube. It depends who you've done it for ultimately. If it's for Joe Bloggs it's fine. Personally I wouldn't show it to clients or even risk a potential client seeing it on youtube.

I definitely wouldn't show it to a picky designer :-)


It's completely subjective... for every client who likes a bit of a fancy presentation, there is one that hates the polish and gets turned on by simplicity and vice versa, you'll never please everyone. Anyone taking it more seriously, then the Friday fun that it is would make a rubbish TDC client anyway!

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