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Jan 09, 2007



The only problem I have is that it's touch screen - I worry it'll break/bugger up.

That and the retail price.. but you are right, a beautiful piece of kit.

Rob Mortimer

Its very nice, the menus and screen look sharp and easy to use.

It must be said though, I love my phone; its easy to use, has a wonderful camera, and has some lovely design touches. (For example, the camera is so good that the lens side is covered in camera style raised plastic)


I'm sorry, but it's bad design in my opinion because its none of the things a phone should be- small, straightforward to make calls on, robust for dropping etc.

It looks to me like its fussy, needlessly complex and as previously mentioned by Will I would worry about the touch screen. What happens when it gets its first inevitable scratch?

Is it not just Apple trying to push those annoying widgets? As stated in this blog previously - design is usability. This doesn't touch Nokia for that.


but, I definitely like it. it's exactly what I want my phone going to be. Just can't wait to get one.

Bureau L'Imprimante

Interesting post at engadget, with the twin brother of that machine - but it's an LG thang!
Have a look, it's worth it.


my ass you shitholes.. the iPhone is the greatest thing ever,. and who cares if you get a scratch on it... are you trying to say that you have not one scratch on your phone right now... cause if you dont then you probably dont drop your phone, which means, you probably woudnt drop the iPhone either.. hence there will be no scratches to begin with.

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