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Jan 30, 2007



Can you do me a futura one? I love futura. Or is that heresy? Will you ban me from commenting now?


Futura is fine. And we will be doing some new ones when these babies sell out.

Comment is free on NDG. No one gets banned.

Pop Stalin Design

How sad, sniff, sniff, us Yanks can't sport a cool Helvetica tee.


Where did you get the T - Shirts, Ben ? What make are they ?


PSD - You can buy them. We'll ship overseas. Does it not say that on the listing?

Tom - They are Hanes Beefy Tees and we had them printed in Leicestershire.


Hmm..not a bad choice Ben. Now what do you think of my brochure ?


In fact that's a good choice - and I don't mean to rush you on the brochure.


Next week Tom, next week.


Beefy tees. It seems everyone favours flimsy ones lately, kudos for that.

On Helvetica tees, http://www.lamosca.com/tshirt/helvetica/entraDades.php?zona=ES


They've been loads of similar Helvetica tees Blip. There are some very similar ones launched a few years ago.

We produced ours in 2001, but as you can see have only just got round to selling them online.


Yes, I was aware of that. Just adding another example.


You should have got hold of me in 2001 Ben - I estimate that in total I must have sold more than a million T - Shirts around that time.

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