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Jan 17, 2007



Yeah, great. Pitty about the dodgy kerning, though. And why have they tampered with the t?

David Airey

"And why have they tampered with the t?"

I guess they thought they'd create their own typeface and call it Helvetica.

I reckon the man and woman in the photo are married.


And talking (or not) to each other via their mobiles, no doubt.


Hmmm. Why have they tampered with the 't'. Very annoyed by that.


Call me a spoilsport, but I am so annoyed by this cult of Helvetica (not about the typeface itself) that I am kinda happy for the "T" amputation. Makes it less "cool".


Blip - you're a spoilsport. We have the disease (though not the tidy desks, obviously) and amputations upset us.


Spoke to a Melbourne friend of mine who said "that place is for CBD suit types so wouldn't really hang out there. But did have a coffee with Dave there some time back. He was wearing a suit. I wasn't."

Hope that helps.


It does. Thanks.


David, it offends me, actually it is a disgrace to our profession that you consider yourself a designer with such a messy table! Next thing you will be using a PC!

Talking about the disease, went to a design exhibition yesterday and it was chock-full of designers in designer garb. Oh God, I hate ourselves.


I don't wear designer garb - just a black polo neck. Though I do sometimes relax a little and make it a turtle neck.


Here I go: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blip/361469635/

Please keep in mind that I didn't choose the telemarketer table myself.


Oh, I see Blip's a PC man. I might have known.


Yeah, man, rub it in. My other car is a Porsche.

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