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Jan 26, 2007



Hullo there.
I'm an 18 year old student. Currently writing a study on Alan Fletcher. Going to London College of Communication next year to do a Graphic Design Foundation. Well on track to becoming fully infected with The Disease.
I really enjoy your blog.
Don't remember how i first ended up here, but now check you daily.
I'm normally one of those just reading and learning non-commenting people.
But here you go.
A comment.
Maybe more soon... If you're lucky.


So, Elle - is it Garamond, Arial, Helvetica, Arial or Univers for you ?

Or Frazzles, or Monster Munch, Seabrook's or Innocent or some other fruit bab ?

Sorry to put you on the spot - but you better get used to it if you're mixing in these circles. They're experts you know. BEN, for example - has the word 'FOUNDER' (my capitals) in his job title.


hey, ive just found this site randomly, i'm wanting to study graphics design somewhere and was just wondering whether u knew any preferences on where to study it in the uk?? in the future id like to become an advertising art director......be really great if you could email me back, thanks


hi ben
Another college student here, studying design at the University of Nebraska. Been reading your blog for about a year now. Good stuff. Just thought you might be interested to know that you have even reached the desolate great plains of the U.S...

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