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Jan 16, 2007


Marcus Brown

little correction, there are only three machines in Germany. Don't know about the UK.

Fun isn't it?

David Airey

Very cool. I'm telling Santa.

Jim Holt

Here's one in the UK - not as automated as the one in the video with a conveyor belt, but does the same job. It also cut plastic, wood etc. I'm trialling some card there at the moment for a book cover. Check it out: www.modelshop.co.uk


Lasers and typography. Nice combination, and the the finished product smelled lovely too.

Brad Brooks

Cor. Very cool.


my god thats incredible


I used one of those for cutting type into leather for a project, it's really cool to watch, but the leather doesn't smell too good for a while afterwards!

Chris Ritke

Wow - that is truly amazing. Looks like it's going to catch on fire any second!


I'm in love. I want that. I've always thought those laser-cut greeting cards were pretty sweet. I'm imagining what laser-cut bread would look like, or if it would catch fire. Oops.


Wow..Pretty impressive. Here's another way to cut that's pretty impressive as well.


Mojgan Aghazadeh

Dear Sir/Madam,
Our company interested to buy the sttock laser cutting machine for packing &designe the jowallery.please send us the P/I of your models that have been stock.
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Mojgan Aghazadeh

Schumpeter Zhang

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richard dyson

Hi - may name is Richard Dyson from Trilogy Lasercraft. We run 2 systems that are dedicated to paper cutting. One of them is the same style as the video and another one is a monster - much more powerful and quicker. If anyone wants to try some ideas out or get hold of samples the just email me.


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i need a cutting machine that is programmed with a computer whereby one can draw whatsoever he/she wants to cut on the pc and the machine would cut exactly what was drawn.
if anyone has an idea of where i could get such .pls let me know via bigboyslaw@yahoo.com

Faisal Z Warsi

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Amadio Ussama

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The comments in the post are nuts.


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Glad to know you, laser cutting seems more and more popular nowadays. Laser cutting can be used in many fields such as decorating, carving and pringting industry.

The laser cutting machine in you video is not in the newest style. You may also visit http://www.made-in-china.com/products-search/hot-china-products/Laser_Cutting_Machines.html to take a look.

shinne zhai

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This laser is heavy duty 1,600 watts for under $12,000...won't find this again at this price..

Click the link...

Maureen Finn

Can anyone recommend a company that does printing, and cutting (laser or die) of greeting cards in large print runs. Also post production such as celephane wrapping with envelopes

Jeff Simpson

Nice dude, very cool combination.

Green Laser Pointers

yeah, it is no doubt that laser cutting is like die cutting but more accurate, for the delicate cut.


Hello!I am a salesman in golden kate Laser company in China,we provide various kinds of laser machine including laser cutting ,engraving,embroidery,welding and marking machine.If you want to know more about laser machine you can contact with me directly.Email:alina@gktlaser.com

מרכזיות IP

Well, Laser cutting is a highly competitive market and prices are historically very low. In addition, a laser cutting companies like gf extensive experience in laser cutting and operate from low cost because of efficiencies based on experience.

Yag Laser Marking

Superb I like it laser cutting machine is very useful for coding and marking system.

Nik Mak

Laser cutting machines are basically used in industrial areas and it is also used in small business. Laser cutting machines uses a laser to cut materials.

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