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Jan 17, 2007



Hey, it's a whole lot tidier than mine. Shall I post a pic?



David Airey

I hope you feel better soon.



Chris Ritke

What's that white stuff with the writing on your desk? Get rid of it and you're desk is neat and clean!


Mine's up now....http://sit-down-comedian.blogspot.com


I bet Richard's http://www.acejet170.typepad.com/ got a very tidy desk. C'mon Richard, let's have a look.


Good point, I bet he has too.


Now that's more like it! get real! - good to see I'm not the only one with a desk like a disaster. Now THAT would make a fine 'designer' book - "Designers and their work desks" - you should get that Ellery chap on the case - he's great at churning out that kind of stuff.


It's good to be a designer most of the time!


"I bet Richard's got a very tidy desk."?

Tidy desk? How dare you! My desk is as messy as the next man's, even though the next man's a girl. Unfortunately, publishing a photo of my desk goes against the unwritten rules of Ace Jet so you shall never know. So there.

David Airey

Mine's up too:


andrew kingham

Un-invited, I've gatecrashed and posted mine too...http://andrewkingham.wordpress.com/
...Does anyone know where Richard Acejet 170 works? Anyone available to nip round and sneak a picture?


OK, rules are meant to be broken and to show I haven't got a tie-dyed table cloth, here's my (quite tidy) desk: http://acejet170.typepad.com/foundthings/2007/01/my_desk_today.html

(Not that there's anything wrong with tie-dyed table cloths)

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