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Jan 10, 2007



(quietly sobbing about sketchbook)


Very good work. Embraces digital barbed bezier edges and all.


Blip, they care about yours, don't worry.

Blip's sketchbooks are here everyone: http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/design/2006/10/blip_can_draw.html


Blip's sketchbooks are great.

I wish I could draw. Considering my handwriting is actually illegible and my drawing is worse, it's not up to much.

I can do perspective though.


John Lennon couldn't draw, but he did. Just draw.


Ha! A little sobbing goes a long way. Thanks, Ben, Will. A good point is: when is it that you "can draw"? I like the stuff I do, but it is very limited, and if I draw, say, a horse, it will look like a two-year old's drawing. And my handwriting is appaling.

I agree with Carl.

Joshua Blankenship

Thanks for the link love and kind words/sobbing.

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