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Jan 18, 2007




Although I'm a bit shamfaced about being a planner today.



Rob Mortimer

Thanks for that, i'll try and post a design treat soon in return.

Beeker, would this be because of THAT post?


"THAT" post? Do tell.

Rob Mortimer


Heated debate!


Might be. Should never got involved. And come to think of it I'm more shamefaced than shamfaced. Although shamfaced is quite interesting.


I'm glad I posted these pictures now. Cheered you all up a bit, I'm sure.

Rob Mortimer

Shamfaced, is that Irish or Cockney Geezer?

Thanks Ben, they reaffirmed blogging as a Planners friend ;)


Shamfaced as I see it is more like having a sham for a face.

Where did you take them Ben? They have cheered me up a bit actually.


Beeker - I spotted it at the Dali Museum (which is rubbish). Apparently Dali liked complexity and hated simplicity.

Don't think he was a planner.


Maybe it was a hobby?

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