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Jan 13, 2007


Alistair Hall

I'm very much liking the fact that the touch screen interface means that the phone is highly customisable.

What would be really really really great is if Apple could go on to totally rethink the way we consume products.

At the moment their business model is based on us buying new hardware from them as regularly as possible. They constantly roll out new product in the hope that we'll respond like magpies with an exclamation of "Ooh, shiny!" and immediately hand over another few hundred for a piece of kit we basically already own. (And if we don't, they've got it covered anyway, having taken built-in-obsolescence to a whole new level with their iPods, so that they last just a few days beyond their warranty and expire like suicidal may flies.)

With the iPhone, they've created an updatable product, a piece of hardware that could and should last for, omygosh, five years? (Assuming the screen is made of tough stuff...)

It'd be nice to see an innovative company like Apple taking the lead, and saying "You know what? We think the environment and this planet is pretty important. So we don't want you chucking our phone on the landfill every year just to get that thrill-of-the-new when you pick up our latest model. We'll give you new software and apps for the phone, so you can still get that buzz, but without adding to the dead appliance mountain.

Whether they'll actually do that... well, I'm not holding my breath.


I agree that would be brilliant if they did that. Particularly from a sustainability point of view.

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