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Jan 24, 2007



Yeah, but you know very well that it's only a matter of time before someone brings out a mobile device that uses Comic Sans throughout.

Microsoft, probably.

Culture is King

But do you think that Comic Sans might actually become appealing one day in a kind of warped-ironic-kitsch kinda way? As in, "Helvetica is my favourite font" but actually written in Comic Sans!

Nope. Me neither. But scary thought though...


What do designers think of Arial ? Is it one of those fonts they (ie. you) get snooty about ?


The kind of person who would use arial is the kind of person who would steal sheep (to paraphrase).



What about.....Century Schoolbook?

(See, I promised you a comment).


OK - thought so - I knew I had read about it somewhere before.

OK then - what does one do when one does not have 'Helvetics' on one's machine (ie. I suspect a very high percentage of most people running abusiness)


What's wrong with Arial aesthetically ?

I take your point about it being a substitute font geared for screen display - but what's wrong with it whenit's printed ?

And if you are to take this to your own logical extremes - I take exception to your description of 'print' as being measured by dpi (usually 300) - it only becomes so when designers get hold of it and start to force feed design through machines (ie printers) to suit their purposes - which is really just the same thign that suits are doing with computer screens. There is a pre-printer version of 'print' that doesn't use dpi etc - just solid ink.

What do you think of that ?


Wooooh! Shall I send in the Design Police ( http://davidthedesigner.typepad.com/davidthedesigner/2007/01/this_made_me_sm_3.html ) Ben?


That would do no good because I suffer from the disease to a greater or lesser extent too. How about just an explanation ?


OK, that's Ben's job, not mine.

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