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Feb 02, 2007



Wow, that's awesome. It's funny — I live in New York but I hardly ever looked at the New York Times online. But now that I've started reading this London-based blog, where you're always pointing out cool things and excellent design on their site, I read it all the time. NY Times is my homepage now.


Yes I think they've hit a rich vein of good stuff at the moment.

Ulysses or a newspaper

But Apple copied Konfabulator.




With (ga/wi)dgets in both major operating systems, Konfabulator was absorbed into Yahoo (http://widgets.yahoo.com) to end its life as obscure as it began.
But it is true: Konfabulator was first, then gadgets showed up in early builds of Vista (Longhorn). Apple ran with this and introduced the Dashboard long before Microsoft could get Vista to market.

If it's worth anything, I like Microsoft's Sidebar implementation far better than the Dashboard, and it works especially well with a widescreen monitor.

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