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Feb 28, 2007


Claire Gates

The size of the Guardian IS annoying. People who buy the Mail will always buy the Mail though, how much does the front page really influence people?

I liked the fact that yesterday whilst every other paper was running cover Oscar pictures, The Independent's cover was running a story on how banks are robbing us.

It didn't make me buy it though.


too bad im outside UK... cus i would really apreciate that comparison. Here in portugal we have a newspaper called Publico that was recently redesigned by Mark Porter, art dirctor from the Guardion... and i just dont like it :/ follows most of the things you dont like on the Guardion


I'm outside of the UK and it doesn't make much sense to me. Could you please post the answers to those questions? That might help...
Here in the Netherlands a couple of papers went tabloid lately and I think for all papers involved the circulation went up. I do think they look just a little bit less serious/trustworthy now.


Question A: Indy

Question B: The one on the right

Question C: Both

What do I win?


Richard - I reckon the prize ought to be that Innocent book, don't you?


I hate few things more than full broadsheet newspapers.


Yeh David, whatever happened to that?


No good asking me Richard - get on to Ben about it.


I quite like the redesign except for two things:

A. I think the headline is too close to the top banner. I keep wanting to move it down a few millimetres so there's a balance in white space above and below.

B. The sections in the middle are still too big - I usually make sure I but it on Mondays and Tuesdays for the media and education supplements respectively. They are a nightmare to read on a messy desk or on the train, and (as I discovered today while trying to produce some handouts for a lecture on the contribution design can make to education and health) they don't fit on a photocopier being ever so slightly bigger than A3.

Meanwhile the crappy G2 supplement is all nice and manageable.


The problem with all tabloids is that there is not enough news on the front page. And banner headlines overwhelm everything. They are almost threatening. ie You vill digest this story and agree with our take on it before you are allowed to continue.


papers are a dying media anyway, so it's all a waste of time and most importantly paper/resources. in the interests of 'sustainability' it's something most of us could live without. it all seems so out dated.


Free.. paper is not dying...


Richard and David - Yes, yes, yes. I need to think of a quiz question.


They've even got their own phrase for this at the Guardian.
They would say that berliner was the right size for a paper that didn't want to end up shouting all the time as it allowed for the "the geometry of news"

Craig Thomas

One of those covers looks familiar. I remember it because it seemed so f**king funny in context - sitting in the newsagent. There's a picture of it on my blog:


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