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Feb 22, 2007



Well done, Ben!

Someday. Somebody.

I think a big congratulations is in order.

For a magazine that normally only showcases studio work, its great to see a blog post in the pages.

Next month the Flickr group perhaps? ;)


An annoyingly brilliant post.

Congratulations, and good afternoon.


Nice one Ben. Well done.


Attaboy -
1-It'll be interesting to see how the visitors' graph goes over the next couple of days. Do you think it will be bigger than the design observer recommendation?

(Is that apostrophe in the right place?)


I'll add to that Ben - well done. Nice one.


Will try to grab that one. Congratulations once again.


Nice one Ben!


I'll second that! Nice one Ben! cropping up on the Pentagram blog must have been nice for your ratings. I'm surprised no-one picked up on all this earlier seeing how many familiar 'regulars' crop up here and elsewhere on the net. Question: Now that you've got a steady (hungry?) audience how much time does doing all this take up?


Everyone - thanks.

Andrew - I don't think it will affect stats very much. In my experience (and not just this blog) stats get a leap when linked to by a more popular site but there's almost no effect from offline editorial. Ads might be different.

DelBoy - not too much. I won't be needing an intern anytime soon.


Great! Congratulations!
It's really nice that we could see this blog post on the press.:)


Wow mate - good work.

Definitely one for the scrap book.

Alicia Mitchell

I picked up the CR for the first time last week, and read this post, and now just stumbled across your page by accident. Strange.
The post made me smile. I'm just starting out on the Graphic Design path and it was comforting to recognise some of those traits in myself.


I was just flicking through Design Week, I see you made it in there too

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