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Mar 27, 2007




and i confess that i got lost sometimes in london :)

Rob Mortimer


They have a similar thing in Hong Kong on some lines.


I like it too.
I guess to make that work with such a complex system as the Tube some kind of screen would be needed to make it more versatile, no? The trains in Barcelona go back and forth in the same line, so one sign always works for that train.

Rob Mortimer

Speaking of which, what do you think of the whole tube map design?

I normally ask all designers about it. Have you seen the comparison of the design and the real map?


This is nothing that new, and is in place in many cities over the world (Tokyo has an excellent example). The fact that we dont have it in England says more about the current tube trains than the map design.

Simon Clayson

Tokyo still suffers from lines being owned by different companies, with tickets being non-transferable - this was very confusing in a mad enough place. However, the train to and from the airport was something else. The lights told you whereabouts you were, but not only that, there was a very short film about the layout of the next station, and directions.

And it was on time.

Ben H

I have the same mind about the usability of a product Ben.


We have a similar system in Sydney, except you look out of the window to see where you are. Different, but it works.

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Shanghai's metro, although very small, is similar in its use.

Did you visit the Sagrada Familia? It's wonderful!


We have the same stuff in Guangzhou, China. Guess the tube is really too old, except for its map, which is still the best sample of subways all around the world.

Dylan Trees

I like this system. Plus, they have stops called things like 'Hospital Clinic'. So not only do you know where you are, but also what's there.

I want to rename every tube station with a functional description of what you can expect there.

Holland Park: Posh High Street
Camden Town: Drug Dealers
Shoreditch: Mullets



We've got the same in Paris on line 3... that's great for tourists...

Ben H

What is 'Diagonal'? Sounds interesting...

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