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Mar 16, 2007


Claire Gates

Its a woodlouse surely?


Yes. Insects not my strong point.

Claire Gates

I hate woodlice. When I was a kid we were on holiday in Greece having lunch outside and there were millions, literally millions of them crawling about. I couldn't eat a thing. I didn't want one up my leg thanks very much.

Earwigs are much nicer because they have a comedy name.


woodlice are cool. when they feel threatend they curl up into perfectly round balls. If you hassle a woodlouse you will see...


Those eggshells look exactly the same - are you sure they're biodegradable?


are you going to make a video out of this?

you might call it Note the Earwig. (yes i know it's not one but claire has a point.)


My wife gets Discovery Toys as a reseller and they package all their shipments in biodegradable popcorn packaging. It actually disintegrates in water! Fun for the kiddies, anyhow.

Curious though, as we have a compost heap in our backyard, I though burying the material under moist earth was the fastest and most productive way to transform the material into reusable compost? Have you heard of that before? Perhaps there are more than a few ways to compost a heap of garbage, though!

Bravo on the recycling, though!

In Christ,

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